1. Cocky Fresh
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Joel Kapat,
I pray to the God of money,
The God of power,
The God of forgiveness ‘cause I’m such a bad boy!
Bad boy! Yeah, Jack n Coke, yeah Nigga!
I steady be up in the air!
Y’all Niggaz ain’t ready,
My Nigga was just talking about going to Abu Dhabi,
C-Note, Prince Vamboi,
I was talking to my Nigga in Paris, Young Dave Katumwa!
Nigga we about to make strong moves!
Yo suck on this cockiness, choke on this cocky fresh,
Everything I do with cockiness, everything I own cocky fresh
My chicks be cocky fresh, my ride be cocky fresh,
The dick you ridin’ cocky fresh, every bitch I fuck is fuckin’ fresh!
Verse One:
I steady be up in the air, I got it, I spend it, I don’t care,
Exotic cars is all that I drive, exotic bitches is all that I ride,
You Niggaz behind, keep up with the time
You poppin’ Moet, I wants Gout De Diamants
I’m raising the bar ‘cause y’all Niggaz too dumb
You talking Versace, I’m the man behind Booci!
You laughing at Kanye creating a brand,
I’m laughing at you, you a customer man,
What I can’t afford is to be broke,
You can never catch me with a broke hoe,
On the low my Nigga,
Your little bitch knows I’m dope my Nigga,
She wanna fuck me, I say no my Nigga,
I’m too fresh for your little bitch my Nigga,
My dick too long, you can thank me later!
Second Verse:
You Niggaz ain’t shit compared to me,
Check out the swag, this Moreschi,
The lace on my shoe can pay your rent,
Let me sip on this tea while you process it,
I talk the talk and walk the walk,
Girl split that thing, let Booci in!
Let me introduce you to a new life,
Elevate your status to a new height,
I’m a cocky Nigga, exotic Nigga,
I don’t mess around with no lame ass, Nigga!
I’m Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Gray,
Once I fuck your bitch, call it a day!
I don’t speak English, cash only,
I only make friends with the dead homies
I pray to the God that’s Booci,
That’s why my lifestyle so Bougie, Booci!
Let’s do this shit! Uh yeah, Yo cocky fresh, freestyling, I’m dope as shit!
I’m cocky fresh! Umm, yeah…
You know what, since I’m not gay, and you and your girl supposed to be one right?
So your girl can suck my cockiness! I’m the real shit Nigga!